Focus areas of Developmen

Taking into account the tendencies mentioned above, for the realisation of a personal Development Programme, we are looking for answers to the following questions that you ask yourself in the 3 consistent focus areas of Development:

1) Individual Effectiveness:

  • What are my core qualities and pitfalls?
  • How can I optimise my EQ further?
  • How do I improve myself in terms of planning and organisation?
  • Which delegation process do I follow and how do I set priorities?
  • How would I describe my level of perseverance and flexibility?
  • What about my decisiveness and stress resistance?
  • How do I optimise my balance between effort and results?
  • How can I continue to grow, when it comes to personal impact and self-leadership?
  • Why do I achieve the results that I achieve?

2) Team Development:

  • How do I build and leverage trust between the members of the Team?
  • How can our mission-vision be perceived and experienced in our Team?
  • How does a feedback culture create more stretch and learning skills?
  • How do we address each other towards the reached agreements and results?
  • How to set clear expectations and discover/address hidden talents?
  • Which coaching skills should be developed further to grow into an inspiring leader?
  • How do I build (as a Team Leader and/or Coach) self-managing Teams?
  • What is my specific role in the Team and which leadership style does suit my role?
  • How do I build resilience as an art at my disposal to ride the waves of change?
  • How do I accomplish cooperation throughout the organisation and beyond my role?
  • How do I focus my Team on continuous (learning) development and sustainable results?

3) Coaching Leadership:

  • What makes me credible and authentic as a leader?
  • Which methodologies can I use to inspire my employees for more ownership?
  • Which leadership style does suit my personality in order to exploit my full potential?
  • How do I optimise the synergy between involvement, competence and behaviour?
  • How do I build a profitable organisation, starting from my inspiration as a leader?
  • How do I translate my vision into team goals and my deeper values into behaviour?
  • How do I apply the coaching leadership style in practice in my (new) Team?
  • Tips and tools to set up a personalised coaching conversation?
  • How do I build an inspiring team culture in a climate of continuous improvement?
  • As a coaching leader, how do I make sure my employees are able to manage themselves, starting from their own strength and ownership towards further development and growth?
  • How do I approach my employees, when it comes to mutual expectations and results?


Our coaches will be delighted to develop a personalised programme for you and your organisation. Please tell us to which of the above questions you want us to help you find a clear answer, what you want to change exactly and the tangible results you want to achieve.

Please mail us for more info: info@coachinghouse.eu