Personal Effectiveness

  1. In practice

    We set up a personalised programme together with you, starting from an online measurement of your current level of individual effectiveness. Amongst others, this programme includes:

  • awareness about your personal motivations, qualities and preferences
  • insight into convictions and behaviours that represent an asset or an obstacle to you
  • insight into the preferred behaviour (for example, with the aid of DISC or Insights) and relative feedback
  • what are your pitfalls and where are your personal opportunities?
  • giving and receiving open and honest feedback
  • setting priorities and taking ownership
  • delegating, letting go, reflecting and validating effectively
  • getting over your fear of failure and your insecurities and developing a positive self-image
  • why and how to adjust and make a connection
  • dealing with conversations, conflicts, pressure and stress effectively

We make use of exercises, games and case studies to practice your individual effectiveness, which will enable you to achieve proactive goals and to continue to grow as an individual and as a professional. You will notice that, after these coaching sessions, you will consciously take more space during conversations, that your level of energy and enthusiasm will grow and that you will be able to relax more, even while making an effort!

  1. Results
    This coaching guarantees (more) effective results in the following areas:
  • better knowledge of who you are, where you stand and where you want to go
  • make better use of your personal qualities and avoid pitfalls
  • get a clear understanding of why people do what they do
  • communicate more impactfully with different types of people
  • get satisfaction out of the results you have achieved in the short and in the long term
  • transfer your development points directly into positive actions
  • you feel better in your skin, you have self-respect and an award factor to yourself
  • integrate permanent behavioural changes in order to achieve sustainable results
  • … 

From now on, you will start from your own strength, increase your self-awareness and make actions based on your conscious choices, which at the same time will strengthen your personality and optimise your level of (self) confidence even further.

Our coaches will be delighted to develop a personalised programme to refine your Individual Effectiveness even further. 

Please mail us for more info: info@coachinghouse.eu