Coaching Leadership

  1. For whom?
    Coaching Leadership is aimed at both new and experienced directors, managers, company and team leaders. It is also ideal for those who want to take a new leap in their careers and those who are leading a new team and/or organisation.

    Examples of specific coaching topics:
  1. The 'Inspiration Profile'
    This profile indicates the area where you can deliver the best added value. The inspirational factor in your leadership comes from your soul. Your inspiration stands for the essence of who you are and shows what you stand for. You often see, feel and know more about your environment. That makes you experience a strong inner motivation.
    What is the connection between inspiration and leadership? In the area in which you excel, you set an example for your environment. If you give space to your inspiration, you will notice that the others automatically come to you when they have questions about that area or topic. This is the essence of leadership. We make it easier for you to find your specific inspiration, take it seriously and dedicate the necessary time and space to it.
  2. How do we do this in practice?
    We start with an online scan of your ...